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Subsurface Detection & Mapping with Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave Technology

Before excavating for any project or inspecting what is beneath existing structures, it is critical to have a clear view of what lies below... and to have the correct tool to map the underground world. Screening Eagle's Proceq GS8000 Subsurface Mapping System utilizes Ground Penetrating Radar and GPS corrected data points to locate and map the subsurface in real time.

Avoid striking utility lines and inspect aging infrastructure with greater clarity thanks to the use of multiple frequencies that allow for optimal resolution and deeper penetration while visualizing your subsurface map in real time.

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GS8000 Features

Features & Benefits

  • "Freepath", Innovative data collection that yields real time mapping of subsurface features due to corrected GPS points. 
  • Superior target resolution with stepped frequency continuous wave technology
  • Intuitive real-time visualization in 2D and 3D 
  • Superior clarity of data at different depths thanks to the unique ultra-wideband radar technology
  • High frequency data offering better imaging of shallow targets in poor soils.
  • Multiple view modes: A-scan, Line Scan non-migrated, Line Scan migrated, Time Slice View, Map View, 3D, Augmented Reality.


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